Friday, August 22, 2008

Some new pic's to check out!


Pelorosso said...

Hey ross, I discovered your blog today :-)
Hope to see new post and new picture of you, maybe regarding your real life and not only your movies.
x Pelo.

nacho silva said...

hey mister ross....this is nacho silva...long time we dont talk...just to tell u that i watched your latest movies, "trunks 5" and "sex on set 2" and i can say now that your dream has come are now a SUPERSTAR....i am really happy about it...keep doing it as good as u are doing...and lets see if we can meet soon too...added you to my friends on blogsite

big kiss from spain

nacho silva

Stan said...

Pics look great Ross. I've been an admirer of yours since I first saw you at Men At Play. I just discovered your blog and will check it out again soon.